Soulmate Glassic 805 Fiberglas Blank 8t 5wt 4pc

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Soulmate Glassic Series 805 Fiberglass Blank

The Soulmate Glassic Series Blanks are maufactured of a unique Eglas material blend. This material delivers strenght, fast recovery and flex at once to give you an unmatched feeling for delicate presentation.

The Soulmate Glassic 805 is the right choice if you are looking for delicate applications with dry flies or nymphs or even larger sized streamers on small to medium sized waters and short to extended medium distance. You will have a superb line feeling with overhead as well as with roll or switch casts.

The blank runs best with slightly overweithed lines with short to medium head lenghts as well as DT.

Lenght 8ft

Line: 5

Sections: 4

Weight: 61 gramm

Tip diameter: 1,8mm

Butt diameter: 10,6mm

PF measurements: 11,6gr. / 53,6gr. / PF 4,8

Action: fast

Color: Brown Sugar

Incl. Rub on Decal
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