Tiemco Oracle Vintage Baby Trout Flyreel

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Modern classic click and pawl reel from Tiemco japan

The Oracle baby trout has an outer diameter of 75 mm (3“) and is almost the same size as CFO III and is ideal for DT 3 F to DT 4 F – DT3F + 50m, DT4F + 20m (20lb). It weights 92 gram, spool width is 18mm

The clicker mechanism is solid and works properly, no plastics at all. It has a slighlty louder sound whilst releasing line than in retrieve mode whilst using it lefthanded. As it is a two way clicker, you do not need to change or switch the pawl toprepare it for righthanded use.

There are two types of spools available: NP (Non Perforation) without holes and DP (Double Perforation) with 2 rows of holes in the spool. There are three types of color combinations: solid silver, solid gray and gray body + silver spool combination so you can choose by coordination with your rod.

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